Exhibit 4: Blogshops

In the Internet world, online shopping is no special phenomenon. Entire retail empires are built on this business structure: think Asos, think Groupon.

However, in South East Asia, particularly Singapore and Malaysia, the online world has provided a unique platform for small-to-medium sized businesses: blogs.

Thousands of ‘blogshops’ occupy the online sphere, often run by young women who set up the shops as a hobby or to supplement their income. Many are fashion- (and bargain-)conscious college students and some of their ‘hobbies’ boom to success so far as to even provide a steady income for women who dedicate their careers to running these shops.

Every few months, blogshop owners gather to participate in a bazaar, specially set up to showcase their pieces – whether clothing, art, handcrafts, supplies or even food – to buyers. These are some photos taken of these events, taken by Loh Eugene and Caroline Lai.

Blogshops are a culture that extend far beyond the borders of social media and spill out into everyday life, mixing and evolving with the ‘pasar malam’ (night market) culture of South East Asia.


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